Virtual CFO

All business owners should have access to the skills and experience of highly trained professionals and BlueSky Accounting is able to provide just that!

Melad Aoun, Director at BlueSky Accounting is able to fill the role of a Virtual Chief Financial Controller (CFO). You can rely on Melad and his team to establish the support and systems needed within your organisation, provide strategic plans and cash flows to ensure that there is adequate funding for business growth, provide regular management financial reports, company secretarial services, board reporting services and access to a trusted support network.

Some of the benefits of employing BlueSky Accounting as your outsourced financial controller include:

  • A tailored  package to suit your needs
  • Cost effectiveness (more cost effective than employing a full time internal FC/CFO)
  • Objective and independent advice
  • Confidentiality
  • Links in with wider services of firm
  • Access to a trusted support network